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About Me

David Siracusa

My love of writing began with a need for publicity for a Workers' Compensation insurance company that I had started from the ground up.  I was confident I could write a book that would boil our industry down to a template that the average Joe could understand. That first book, Worker's Comp Made Easy, still sells proudly on Amazon today.  As does my first novel, The Final Run of Flagler's Folly.

My journey into screen play writing began as I drove down to the Keys from my home in Clearwater.  As I looked to the side, I could see the old Overseas Railroad crumbling.  Almost immediately, a story jumped into my head.  Since then, I just can't seem to stop writing!


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These pictures from my Echelon shoot, and the video below, demonstrates just how hard they worked me while trying to get the absolute best shots for their workout videos.

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The Sound of Life - A short film:

Oliverio Productions

Maria Meneses, director

Shot on location in Apopka, FL.

This is a story of a young woman, struggling to find happiness by escaping her abusive household, when her brother, and only friend, decides to leave.  I play the abusive father, Ed.

Please donate at GoFundMe by clicking on the images of the cast above!


The Ladder - A short film:

NYU Graduate film 

Noam Argov, director

Shot on location in Orlando, FL.

I play the hardware store worker who is confronted with the immigrant mother when she is looking for a ladder.  I try to assist the mother, but have a hard time understanding her.  The situation escalates when the woman's twelve year old daughter refuses to translate for her mother.


Rap Sh!t - An HBO Max series:


Issa Rae, Producer

Shot on location in Miami Gardens, FL.

Featured background.

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