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In 1877, Henry Flagler moved to Florida and began work on the Eighth Wonder of the World, an incredible railroad to the Keys. But in 1935, tragically, it was directly in the path of one of the worst hurricanes to ever land in the United States.

High school kids out for a good time, families traveling along the rails for a long Labor Day Weekend, rail workers taking a break from their labors, people working the sea for a living, heroic would be rescuers and more, were in for the most terrifying event of their lives. If they could just survive. The result of the Labor Day Hurricane's destruction was unequaled for many years. The tail of how Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railroad and Mother Nature clashed in 1935, is not only terrifying and horrendous, but also astounding and entertaining.


*Updated version to be released shortly.

Workers' Compensation is the bane of existence for most business owners and a life line for many employees. It is a complicated endeavor for a business owner to secure. Just like any other insurance there are numerous roadblocks to hurtle and difficult terms to decipher when attempting to acquire it.

My aim in writing this business book was to boil it down and make the process as simple as possible for a business owner to understand. Especially one who is considering securing their coverage through a PEO, Professional Employer Organization.

I have worked in the brokerage world with PEOs for over 10 years now and have loved every minute of it. PEOs have been amazingly successful in helping companies of all kinds to succeed and thrive in our economy.

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The Final Run of Flagler's Folly 


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